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Customer Service Initiatives

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At HCPS, we strive to continue to raise our standards for increasing our customer service efforts to support employees, students, parents/guardians, and the larger community. Ask HCPS is a new general contact method for all HCPS-related inquiries. Our dedicated Customer Service Administrative Support Specialist, Judy Simon, provides personalized responses to all inquiries received through Ask HCPS to ensure thorough and timely two-way communication.

Email us at AskHCPS@hcps.org or give us a call at (410)809-6193.

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The HCPS Customer Service Task Force includes Board Members, Central Office staff, school administrators, teachers, and community partners. HCPS standards for quality customer service are measured by our TRACK-ing Excellence Program, created by our Office of Organizational Development. TRACK represents Transparent, Responsive, Accessible, Consistent, and Kind communication. To ensure that we, as an organization, remain accountable for delivering top-notch internal and external customer service, the HCPS Customer Service Task Force develops new initiatives in line with the TRACK-ing Excellence Program to help us gauge our current level of service and identify opportunities for improvement. Some of those initiatives include staff recognition events, staff training videos, school community engagement guides, and a customer satisfaction survey.

An internal and external subcommittee have been created, to specifically focus on our efforts to improve customer service to HCPS employees, parents/guardians, students, and the greater community.

Internal Subcommittee Focuses
led by Peter Carpenter, Director of Organizational Development, and Laurie Namey, Principal of Magnolia Middle School
  • Research best internal customer service practices
  • Determined the need to "Serve BIG" and defined descriptors for Serving Big
  • Highlight "Good to Great" movement videos from various stakeholders throughout the system
External Subcommittee Focuses
led by Mary Beth Stapleton, manager of Family and Community Partnerships, and Jack Getz, Senior Software Developer
  • Track customer service data from various sources
  • Supporting schools with school websites
  • Implemented Google Translate widget on our front facing custom and external applications
  • Created QR codes for Customer Service Feedback
  • Develop resources for military families
  • Work to redesign school registration area to make more user friendly to families new to the district
  • Create a data dashboard that schools can utilize to look at what is trending amongst external customers
  • Taking a targeted approach to convert high traffic and important PDF documents to Spanish
  • Working towards consistency in policies and procedures
  • Develop ways to get more external customer service feedback about the school buildings and experiences


Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) is committed to providing superior customer service to all of our stakeholders, including employees, students and their families, and community members. We recognize customer service as a vital component of an organization's culture that, in our case, ultimately affects overall student success. At HCPS, our standards for quality customer service are measured by our TRACK-ing Excellence program. TRACK represents Transparent, Responsive, Accessible, Consistent, and Kind communication. By submitting this short form, your feedback helps us gauge if we are meeting our standards of excellence.

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