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Technology Supports

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Digital Tools and Support Tools

Digital Tools and Support Tools

Harford County Public Schools uses a number of contracted Essential Digital Tools and authorized Supplemental Digital Tools to deliver educational programs and services and enhance educational experiences. A digital tool is any interactive website or application (app) that requires an account with a username and password.

Essential Digital Tools

Essential digital tools are the web-based tools that HCPS has under contract for staff and student use. Our contract with the vendors requires them to protect and secure our students' data. Some essential tools are licensed for each student in the district and some are licensed for a specific content area or group of students.

Tool Description Data Privacy Policy


Canvas is a learning management system housing curriculum and teacher-created content.

Carnegie Mathia




Classkick provides teachers the ability to share content with students and see student progress in real time. provides lessons on block-based and written code.




Creative Curriculum Cloud

Creative Curriculum Cloud provides early childhood educators access to digital curriculum.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education provides interactive content, tools, activities, and virtual field trips for students and teachers.


Dreambox is an adaptive math program designed to complement classroom instruction.


Equatio is a web browser extension that provides students an equation editor, graph editor, handwriting recognition, speech input, and a screenshot reader.

Explore Learning Gizmos

Explore Learning Gizmos provides access to virtual math and science simulations.

FEV Tutor



First in Math

First in Math provides individualized math practice in facts, procedural skills, and problem-solving.

Gale (Cengage)

Gale is a library media database.

Generation Genius

Generation Genius is a comprehensive set of standards-aligned science videos and accompanying lessons.

HMH Collections

HMH Collections provides access to online interactive text and tools.


iStation adapts and individualizes math content for students


IXL provides students math practice.


Labster offers biotechnology lab simulations.

Layered Earth

Layered Earth offers earth science simulation and curriculum.

Legends of Learning

Legends of Learning provides games related to math and science content.


Minecraft is a sandbox game where students collect and combine resources into new, useful items that enrich gameplay and help further exploration and creativity.


Naviance helps students to discover their strengths and ensures that all paths students take after high school lead to fulfilling and meaningful careers.


Nearpod allows teachers to create interactive multimedia presentations and assessments through which student progress can be monitored.

Noodle Tools

NoodleTools is a web-based research, citation, and note-taking platform.

Office 365

Office 365 includes the suite of Office products used for productivity and collaboration.

OG Star Reading

OgStar Reading guides children through a series of lessons, developing skills such as phonological awareness, decoding and ultimately working towards oral reading fluency, basic handwriting, and improved spelling proficiency.


OrbitNote is a web browser extension that allows students to annotate .pdf files.


Padlet allows students and teachers to create and share virtual boards that are populated with multimedia content

Pebble Go

PebbleGo is an online database containing informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports for students of all abilities.

Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives is a web-based platform with interactive videos of real experiments and data.


ProQuest is a library media database including Sirs Discoverer, Sirs Issues Researcher, and Culturegrams.

Read and Write Tool

Read and Write is a web browser extension that provides text to speech, text and picture dictionaries, and speech to text dictation.

Savvas (Pearson)

Savvas provides curriculum and interactive mathematics content for students and teachers.

Scholastic Go

Scholastic Go provides nonfiction articles with a read aloud option for students.

Sora by Overdrive

Sora allows students to check out ebooks and audiobooks from the Harford County Public Library.

Teach Town

TeachTown’s education solutions are research-based curricula designed exclusively for students with moderate to severe disabilities.


ThingLink allows creation of interactive images including multimedia content.


TurnItIn is a plagiarism checker service for teachers.

Virtual Job Shadow

Virtual Job Shadow empowers individuals to discover, plan, and pursue their dreams with their unique video-based career planning platform.

World Book Online

World Book Online is a suite of online research tools that includes encyclopedia articles, primary source collections, educator tools, student activities, pictures, audio, and video, complemented by current periodicals and related websites.

Supplemental Digital Tools

Supplemental tools are those free tools that HCPS authorizes to be used as supplementary (non-essential) enrichments to students’ educational experience.

A tool is authorized if it complies with federal and state standards for protecting students’ data privacy and security.

Tool Description Data Privacy

Book Creator

Book Creator is a digital book-making tool where students can create books and share them to a class library.


Canvas is a web-based graphic design tool.


Classcraft uses gaming principles to re-imagine students’ learning experiences and empowers them to reach their full potential.


Desmos is a suite of math tools including a graphing calculator.  Teachers can create graphs and equations for student to solve


Edulastic allows teachers to create interactive formative assessments.


Epic is a digital library providing students access to a variety of texts, which the teacher can customize into collections.


FlipGrid allows teachers and students to participate in audio and video discussions.


Formative is an online assessment tool.  Students join via code.  Teacher can monitor progress in real time.


The GeoGebra platform provides a space for students to explore functions, geometry, algebra, statistics, and 3D in a dynamic way.

Google Earth

Google Earth allows students to see areal or street views of any location in the world.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an interactive navigation tool


Mentimeter is a polling, quiz, and presentation tool that allows teachers to formatively assess students in real time


Newsela is an online news-as-literacy platform that features high-interest leveled articles with accompanying quizzes and writing prompts.

No Red Ink

No Red Ink is a web-based language learning platform.  It provides grammar and mechanics lessons. It also provides writing and composition support, where students can submit writing samples to be reviewed by their peers and teachers.


Parlay is an instructional technology platform that makes it easy for teachers to facilitate, measure, and assess student-driven discussions – in person and online.


PhET Interactive Simulations is a large collection of virtual experiments, demonstrations, and visualizations for dozens of math and science topics

Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z provides a leveled reading library for students.


Quizizz is an interactive assessment tool.


Scratch is a web-based coding option for students.


Smore allows for design of newsletters, infographics, and flyers.

Storyboard That

Students can create plot diagrams, graphic novels, character maps, timelines, comics, and more.


WeVideo is a cloud-based video creation site that lets students create, edit, and share video content.