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The Harford County Public Schools Partnership Network offers opportunities for teachers, businesses, and community agencies to build partnerships that will enhance students’ experiences and build bridges of understanding and positive working relationships between the business and education community.

The HCPS Partnership Network is designed as an on-going process in which businesses/organizations provide services to the selected school(s), or the school(s) provide services to the businesses/ organizations. The partnerships share a common goal and commit to working together in a positive relationship. Each partnership is unique and includes a high standard of collaboration. Therefore, the program is based solely on the needs and resources of the school and business/organization. Cost and time commitments also vary from partnership to partnership.

The Partnership Network continually addresses new partners, facilitates matches, and handles questions, concerns and organizational matters.

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This is the third year the GSIB Program at EHS has partnered with HCPS and the Diversity Literacy Fair. This wonderful event brings together students of all ages and their families for a day of fun and activities. Our students had a great time teaching kids how to make ice cream in a zip-lock bag and playing with our hands-on demonstration of mystery powders. Who knows what fun activities we’ll dream up for next year!

Amy Woolf
IB Coordinator
Edgewood High School

Student testimonials - Diversity Literacy Fair:

  • Teaching little kids how to make ice cream was a lot of fun! Messy... but fun!
  • Mystery powders are really cool. Who knew the stuff inside a diaper could hold so much liquid!
  • I got to learn how to play new games and then teach them to other kids.

Upon the "line-of-duty" deaths of two Sheriff’s Deputies in the fall of 2012, the Sheriff’s Office received a call from Karen Ballard, Bel Air High School, who wanted to involve her art students in creating a memorial to Harford County’s Fallen Heroes. Members of the Sheriff’s Office and Karen Ballard are working together to create two memorials; upon completion, one will be displayed in the headquarters building of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office and one will be displayed in the main lobby of the Harford County Detention Center.

This has been a great opportunity for the Sheriff’s Office and for Bel Air’s art students to create a lasting memorial for all Harford County citizens to share as we remember those who made the supreme sacrifice to keep our County safe. I commend Karen Ballard for presenting the concept and offering the services of her students. The experience has been both moving and educational for the students and my personnel. This partnership is a shining example of what makes Harford County a great place to live and raise our children.

Sheriff Jesse Bane

Edgewood Middle School has had the great opportunity to receive the support of the Southern Rotary Club of Harford County. Their support of our EMS University afterschool intervention program demonstrates their belief in our approach to creating unique and engaging learning experiences for students.

Patrice M. Brown, Principal
Edgewood Middle School

Patient First is proud to partner with Harford County Public Schools and grateful to be able to support our community in this way. Sustaining our schools is essential to ensuring a better quality of community life and our children’s success.

David Clark, Patient First, Community Relations Coordinator

Without partnerships with the STEM community it would not be possible for Science and Mathematics Academy (SMA) students to complete senior research Capstone Projects. Pairing students with mentors in the STEM community gives our students the unique opportunity to conduct real-world research. Our STEM partnerships are vital to the success of the SMA and help to better prepare our students for college.

Sarah Voskuhl
Program Specialist
Science and Mathematics Academy
Aberdeen High School