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Board of Education of Harford County
102 South Hickory Avenue, Bel Air, MD 21014

Senate Bill 629 (2009 Session of the Maryland General Assembly), effective July 1, 2009, changes the Board of Education of Harford County from a fully appointed Board to an elected-appointed Board consisting of six elected members and three members appointed by the Governor of the State of Maryland for four-year terms to be phased in over a period of time. For details on Senate Bill 629, visit In addition, there is a student member to the Board who serves a one-year term while a high school senior. The student is elected by the Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils.

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Authority and Responsibility of the Board of Education and the Superintendent  

Collective Bargaining Information

About the Board of Education

Board of Education Contact Information

Yvonne Rallo
Board of Education
Administrative Assistant

Contact all Board Members by E-mail

Board of Education Meeting Information

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are normally held on the second and fourth Monday of each month (except July and August) at 6:00 p.m. Special meetings may also be held throughout the year. All meetings are announced in advance in the newspapers or the HCPS web site and in other print/electronic media including the Harford Cable Network. Meetings are open to the public unless otherwise announced.

If you wish to appear before the board, please complete a public comment form located at the entrance of the Board room. Comment cards must be completed and placed in the comment box prior to the start of the Board meeting. Cards will be collected and called in the order received. Those who wish to speak after the Board meeting has started, may submit their comments in writing to the Board President at 102 S. Hickory Avenue, Bel Air, MD 21014. Please note the following time restrictions for public comments. Three minutes - Individual. Five minutes - Group Representation.

To request disability-related reasonable accommodations, please call 410-838-7300 voice, 7-1-1 TTY or e-mail at least three days prior to the meeting/event.

Request to Participate in Public Comment

Instructions for Public Comment

The Board Seeks Public Input on Policies

Throughout the year, the Board will seek views and comments from the public on a number of issues.
View all Proposed Board Policies for Public Comment

Audit Committee

Coordinator: Mrs. Laura Tucholski (410-588-5297)

The Audit Committee’s primary duties and responsibilities as established by the Audit Committee Charter are to: serve as an independent and objective party to monitor the District’s financial reporting process and internal controls; review and appraise the efforts of the external auditors, financial and senior management and the Internal Auditor; and provide an open avenue of communication among the external auditors, financial and senior management, the Internal Auditor and the Board.

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Education in fulfilling its fiduciary oversight responsibilities.
View the Audit Committee charter.  

Office of Internal Audit

The Office of Internal Audit is responsible for assisting the Board of Education of Harford County and Harford County Public Schools by providing objective reviews of operations to confirm efficient and effective use of resources, improve internal controls, and strengthen Harford County Public Schools operations. The main objective is to add transparency and accountability of HCPS, its leaders and employees. The Board of Education of Harford County has established the Office of Internal Audit through the Office of Internal Audit's Board Policy  . Additionally, the Board approved the Office of Internal Audit Charter to define the internal audit activity's purpose, authority, and responsibility.

In July 2019, the Chief Auditor requested its first ever peer review and received the highest rating possible. The review included scrutiny of our internal quality control system to ensure that it is adequately designed and operating effectively. This provides reasonable assurance of compliance with Government Auditing Standards and the organization's established policies and procedures.

Peer Review Report

2022 ALGA Peer Review
2019 ALGA Peer Review

Annual Audit Plan

Each year, the Office of Internal Audit submits its risk based annual audit plan to the Board of Education of Harford County for its approval. The Audit Plan communicates the internal audit activity's plans for the year. All significant changes will be communicated to the Board of Education and senior management.

FY2025 Audit Plan  

FY2024 Annual Update  

FY2024 Audit Plan  

FY2023 Annual Update  

FY2023 Audit Plan  

FY2022 Annual Update  

FY2022 Audit Plan  

FY2021 Annual Update  

FY2021 Audit Plan  

FY2020 Annual Update  

FY2020 Audit Plan  

FY2019 Annual Update  

FY2019 Audit Plan  

FY2018 Annual Update  

FY2018 Audit Plan  

FY2017 Annual Update  

FY2017 Audit Plan  

Audit Committee

Organizationally the Office of Internal Audit reports to the Board of Education of Harford County. The Audit Committee is a group of citizens and Board Members who provide additional guidance to the Office of Internal Audit. The Audit Committee serves to promote, maintain, and enhance the independence and objectivity of the internal audit function by ensuring broad audit coverage, adequate consideration of audit reports, and appropriate action on recommendations.


Chief Auditor
Laura J. Tucholski, CPA, CIA, CFE, CRMA

Internal Auditor
Charlene E. Riley, CISA, CIA

Administrative Support Specialist
Helen Grant


The Board of Education of Harford County encourages any concerned individual to report financial fraud, waste, abuse; violations of Board of Education Policy and HCPS procedures; or any instance where the health or safety of an employee or student has been jeopardized.

Financial fraud consists of ways by which HCPS employees or vendors use their employment status or vendor relationship to take funds for themselves or others at the expense of HCPS. Financial waste or abuse of financial resources includes ways that HCPS employees or vendors improperly, carelessly, or excessively spend, consume, mismanage, or misuse HCPS resources. Waste also includes spending unnecessarily as a result of inefficient or ineffective practices. Board of Education Policy and HCPS procedures are available on

Please note all reports come directly to the Chief Auditor and are kept confidential. Callers are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible and have the option to provide contact information or remain anonymous.

Call: Fraud Hotline 410-809-6056


Fraud, Waste or Abuse Reporting Form  

Please email the completed form to the Chief Auditor,