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Staff Wellness Program

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield has partnered with Sharecare, Inc. to bring Harford County Public Schools employees a wellness program that puts the power of health directly in your hands. Access program tools, resources, and personalized recommendations anytime.

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June 2023 BurnAlong Challenge
CareFirst June Wellness Newsletter
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Kepro Employee Assistance Program
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Video Archive
September 2020
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  • Four quick tips to set yourself up for a successful school year
    • Create an organized planning method
    • Create a healthy weekly meal plan
    • Create a "smile file"
    • Set-up a virtual working environment
October 2020
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  • You cannot serve from an empty vessel
  • Five ways that you can take care of you
    • Set and maintain boundaries
    • Make time for relationships
    • Take time for yourself
    • Break a sweat and get enough sleep
    • Acknowledge moments of joy and gratitude

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  • Emotions during the holiday season
  • Expressing gratitude helps to lift spirits
  • Suggestions for how to express gratitude and mindfulness

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  • The importance of putting yourself first
  • Prioritizing the things critical to your happiness
  • Finding balance

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  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Share jokes with friends and family to spread the laughter
March 2021
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  • Quick strategies to check-in on your students
    • Provide ways for students to incorporate social/emotional responses
    • Have positive check-in's with both students and parents
    • Set-up a time for a virtual 'lunch bunch' with your students
    • Create an 'I wish my teacher knew...' online form for students to use
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