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Superintendent's Proposed Budget Community Input.  As Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) works on developing the Superintendent's Proposed Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22), it is important to receive our community's input.  Superintendent Bulson is seeking feedback on how you would rank the school system's priorities for the FY22 budget.  Please take a moment to participate in a brief survey to contribute your voice.  HCPS will use the feedback it receives from this survey to help guide the formulation of the budget to best meet the needs of students, staff, and our community.  Input will be collected through 11:59 p.m. on November 20. 2020.  Click here to provide your input.

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Board of Education's Approved Budget Fiscal Year 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Budget Process
  1. question When does the budget process begin for Harford County Public Schools?

    question The Harford County Public Schools budget process is a continuous process throughout the year. The Superintendent begins talking with the community and conducts public input session each Fall.

  2. question How can I get involved with the budget process?


    The public is invited to participate in public input sessions as the Superintendent, Board of Education, and County Executive work through the process. Those meeting dates, times and location can be found on when available.

    You can also email questions and comments to throughout the year and participate in HCPS Twitter chats.

  3. question When is the Harford County Public Schools budget approved and finalized?

    question The deadline for the County Council to approve the HCPS budget is June 15. It is approved by the Board of Education in late June, and officialized by the Maryland State Department of Education in July.

  4. question What is collective bargaining?


    Collective bargaining is the labor negotiation process required by the state of Maryland that Harford County Public Schools Board of Education completes in determining the budget.

    During this process, the Board formally negotiates labor contracts with employee associations of unions (or bargaining units). State law requires that these labor contracts include items such as work hours, salary, healthcare benefits, and working conditions. A negotiated contract must be ratified by both the Board and employee members of each unit.

  5. question Who decides how school funds are spent?


    There are many people involved in the fair distribution of school funds: The principal and administrative staff at each school determines the use of allocated funds at their school based on student needs.

    The Superintendent and leadership team collaborate on the annual budget design.

    The Harford County Executive and County Council determine the allocation of funds for the Board of Education.

    The Maryland State Legislature and Governor determine the amount of state school funding and allocation of funds to each school district.

    The U.S. Congress and President of the United States determine the amount of federal school funding and allocation among states and school districts.

    Citizens, like yourself, provide input by voting for elected officials, attending Board of Education meetings and budget work sessions, and participating in County budget hearings.

Special Education Services
  1. question How much of the student population receives special education services?


    About 13% of both elementary and middle school students and 11% of high school students receive special education services.


HCPS Transportation
  1. question How much of the student population utilizes transportation services?

    question Approximately 87% of the student population, roughly 32,760 students, utilize HCPS transportation services.