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News Alert for 9/23/2022

Counselors Needs Assessments in Grades 1-12

This is important information for families with students in first grade through twelfth grade.

For over 20 years, HCPS school counselors have administered needs assessments. The results of the assessment are used to determine how HCPS staff can provide more direct, and specific supports to our students. In the past, we have not sent a communication making families aware of the upcoming needs assessment, but we understand that some families would like to know more about how HCPS collects information to better support your student in school. We hope you will encourage your child to share their true thoughts and feelings as we look to provide as supportive and nurturing a school environment as possible for all students.

Students do not have to participate in the Wellness Needs Assessment with the school counselor and can let their school counselor know if they do not want to participate. You may also send an email to your student’s school counselor to make them aware if you do not want your child to participate in the Wellness Needs Assessment.