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News Alert for 10/27/2022

COMING SOON! Meal Account Balance Notifications

The following message will be sent via phone, email, and text message to all parents and guardians at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 27, 2022:

Maryland legislation now requires notification of parent/guardians when a student meal account balance becomes low.

This is to notify you that parents and guardians will soon begin to receive monthly automated communications via phone and email when your student’s meal account reaches $2.60. Notification at this amount will ensure you’re aware you have funds remaining for approximately one meal.

Students without funds on their account will still receive a meal that is charged to their account but will not be able to purchase any snack items, even with cash. Consequently, families with a balance LESS THAN $0 will receive a weekly call notifying that your account balance needs to be paid.

We encourage families to login to your MySchoolBucks account and set your own balance reminders above $2.60 to avoid receiving the monthly or weekly notices. Please note, if you opt out of the balance alerts when they begin, you will be opting yourself out of receiving all HCPS outreach communications.

Federal waivers allowing universally free school meals ended June 30, 2022 – students who do not qualify for meal benefits or whose applications for meal benefits from previous years expired must pay $2.50 for lunch in elementary schools or $2.60 for lunch in secondary schools. The online meal benefit application is available at

If you are unsure of your MySchoolBucks account or balance information, contact Food and Nutrition Services at 410-638-4078 for assistance.