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The HCPS Apprenticeship Maryland Program (AMP) is an opportunity for students to earn and learn while in high school in a career area of their interest. This statewide program allows students to gain valuable industry experience by partnering students and employers together to create skilled labor through education, mentorship, and on-the-job training.

Application Process
Details and Requirements

HCPS Maryland Youth Apprenticeship Program brings Harford County youth and employers together to create skilled labor in today’s ever-changing job market. Students are placed with approved employers who assign a qualified mentor that provides guidance and on-the-job training. the program provides the unique opportunity to “earn and learn.”

Benefits of Youth Apprenticeship
  • Enter the workforce while still in high school.
  • Earn a salary.
  • Earn high school credit for completing the program - up to 4 credits.
  • Youth apprenticeship is a CTE pathway and can lead to a completer.
  • Gain marketable industry skills.
  • Career Discovery - Students can confirm that a certain industry is a good fit, saving time and money in pursuing costly higher education or technical training after high school.
  • Advancement Advantage - Youth apprentices have an advantage over other candidates as they develop valuable career skills and a professional network.
  • Confidence - Students gain self-assurance by working independently under the tutelage of a mentor.
  • By meeting all the State program standards, you'll receive a Maryland State Skill Certificate.
General Requirements
  • Student applicants must be juniors or seniors, age 16 years or older, and have reliable transportation.
  • A student must complete the program by graduation from high school.
  • One year of related instruction is required. That will be either provided by the business or a class that you are taking for credits concurrently while in the serving in the apprenticeship.
  • Applicants must be students in good standing and on track to graduate with good grades and attendance.
  • Students must complete 450 hours of work-based training and one year of related classroom instruction by graduation.
  • A student must submit a complete application packet to the Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Teacher Specialist assigned to their school.
Application Steps
  • Download Application Here
  • A resume and cover letter are required. See below for resume and cover letter templates.
  • Submit your completed application, cover letter, and resume to the Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Teacher Specialist.
  • Have at least one teacher fill out and email the recommendations form to the Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Teacher Specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply?

See application steps above.

What is the deadline for completing an application?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until opportunities are filled. A student must have the ability and time in their schedule to complete the required 450 hours of work prior to graduation.

What is the work schedule?

Work schedules are determined by the employer. A student must be able to work within an employer's hours of operation. Open hours are listed on each posting. Most employers are flexible within these times. Please see your school counselor to determine if your schedule can accommodate the employer's hours. Some employers have evening and weekend hours and do not require a schedule change.

Do I need a work permit?

Yes, Work permits are required for all minors under the age of 18 to work in the State of Maryland. Visit MDOL to apply.

What is required during my apprenticeship in addition to working 450 hours? Apprenticeship is a CTE program of study. In addition to the stipulations outlined in the Apprenticeship Agreement, the following requirements apply:
  • Employers report apprenticeship progress to the Apprenticeship Coordinator monthly.
  • Apprentices are required to submit monthly timesheets.
  • Apprentices are required to attend monthly check-in meetings with the Apprenticeship Coordinator.
  • Apprentices and employers are required to participate in a monthly site visit from the Apprenticeship Coordinator to the workplace.
  • Apprentices complete additional assignments throughout their apprenticeship as assigned.
Who can I contact for program questions or application assistance?
Contact your school Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Teacher Specialist or Matt Johnstone, Apprenticeship Coordinator,

School-based Apprenticeship & Workforce Development Teacher Specialists

For more information on apprenticeships, contact:
Matthew Johnstone, Coordinator of Apprenticeships and Workforce Development

102 South Hickory Avenue
Bel Air, MD 21014