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The elementary science program emphasizes a "hands-on" science approach. Curriculum covers all three major disciplines of science: earth/space science, life sciences, and physical sciences. The program aligns with Maryland's Voluntary State Curriculum for Science which will be assessed as part of the Maryland School Assessment in grade five. Units of study at the elementary level are organized into lab "kits" which are rotated into elementary classrooms during each school year. The kits contain student activity booklets and all of the science materials necessary for the teacher and students to complete laboratory-based units of study.

The middle school science program is a comprehensive study of earth/space, life, and physical sciences. Content, concepts, skill development, and problem-solving strategies emphasize "real world" science. The program aligns with the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum for Science which will be assessed in grade 8 by the Maryland School Assessment. To maintain high student interest in science throughout the middle school years, much of the curriculum centers around thematic units. Students study authentic science phenomena such as hurricanes, the Chesapeake Bay, and consumer products. They collect and analyze information and data, solve problems, and create presentations.

Five course offerings are the core of the high school program: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science. These courses are supplemented by a wide variety of elective science courses which include Astronomy, Biochemistry, Marine Science, Botany, and Anatomy and Physiology. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science. The use of computers, probes, scanners, digitized cameras, and other forms of technology is infused throughout the high school science program. Students must successfully pass Biology and the end of course High School Assessment in Biology in order to receive a Maryland diploma.

To supplement traditional classroom science instruction, the science department staffs and operates the Harford Glen Environmental Education Center. This 360 acre facility provides field experiences for grades 1-12, including a four-day residential program at grade 5.

Three planetaria, each with its own teacher, host over 20,000 students each year to instruct them in astronomy and related earth science topics. Both Harford Glen and our planeteria are considered integral parts of our total science program.

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