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Christy Renzulli receives HCPS Student Services Star Award
Congratulations to Christy Renzulli, School Counselor at Norrisville Elementary School, on being recognized as the recipient of the 4th HCPS Student Services Star Award!
Christy is a visionary among the School Counseling Team and works diligently and innovatively to support students, staff, and the school community. She serves on many Harford County Public Schools’ initiatives that bring important resources to students based on their presenting needs. Never has this been more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic! Additionally, Christy serves as the Elementary School Counselor Level Leader and has provided invaluable leadership and collaboration while in this role.
It is a pleasure to have Christy as part of the HCPS School Counseling Team and Student Services Staff. Well done, Christy!