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Fallston High School German Teacher Celebrates 50 Years at HCPS

May 17, 2022, was officially declared as “Herr Rick Jones Day” at Fallston High School.

A brief but heartfelt ceremony was held at Fallston High School to commemorate an accomplishment that no other high school teacher in Harford County has ever achieved. Mr. Richard Jones is completing his 50th year of teaching German at HCPS.

Rick Jones began his teaching career in 1972 teaching German at Bel Air High school until five years later when he left Bel Air to open Fallston High School in 1977. Herr Jones has spent the last 45 years teaching German, coaching tennis for several seasons, and directing 28 theatrical performances on the Fallston stage including “Little Women: The Musical” just a few weeks ago.

Hundreds of people attended the ceremony as gifts were bestowed upon Herr Jones in appreciation and admiration of his amazing accomplishment. In addition to a beautiful award declaring May 17th “Rick Jones Day,” Herr Jones was presented with a stunning wooden box beautifully ornated with the German flag painted on top. Inside the decorative box were dozens of letters written by former and current colleagues as well as students from Herr Jones’s past.

Superintendent Bulson commended Herr Jones on his passion and dedication to the thousands of students that he has taught over the past five decades. Some of these past students include the parents and even the grandparents of some of the students who were in attendance.

During the conclusion of the ceremony, Herr Jones put to rest any conversation about retirement as he announced that he would be returning to Fallston for his 51st year to the cheers of everyone in attendance.