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Magnolia Middle's Annual Bunny Hop Run Returns
On April 13, the Magnolia Middle School Physical Education Department organized the school’s annual Bunny Hop Run. The last time the Magnolia Bunny Hop Run took place was in 2019. With COVID-19 restrictions being eased, everyone was excited to finally be outside competing and completing the one-mile run. Principal Namey joined the students outside supporting their effort. The entire faculty participated either actively running with the students or cheering and assisting. It was a schoolwide event that exemplified the Magnolia Middle School spirit.
The event winners were:

6th grade
  1. Bryce Stollings
  2. Jerrell Knight
  3. Maurice Bishop
  1. Abigail Czaplinski
  2. Zaih Alash
  3. Tre’zhure Preston

7th grade
  1. Landon Preece
  2. Ryan Walker
  3. Brent Gartside
  1. Briannah Shore
  2. Catherine Zheng
  3. Aleyah Ritter

8th grade
  1. Dartanun Blakney
  2. Cole Johnson
  3. Ryan Kleiner
  1. Jayden Johnson
  2. Tyionna Jones
  3. Lauren Payne

Photo of Magnolia Middles Annual Bunny Hop Run Returns