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HCPS Students Recognized in 2022-23 Young Authors' Writing Contest

Harford County Public School Students Recognized for Their Outstanding Writing in the 2022-2023 Young Authors’ Writing Contest Sponsored by the Harford County Literacy Chapter

The Harford County Literacy Chapter (HCLC), which has been in existence in Harford County since 1980 and is an affiliate of both the International Literacy Association and the State of Maryland Literacy Association, is made up of Harford County educators, volunteers, and interested community members who are literacy advocates who support the literacy instruction being conducted each day in Harford County schools.

This organization recently held its 2022-2023 Young Authors’ Writing Contest Celebration for Harford County student winners in grades K through 8 on March 1st (grades 5-8) and March 7th (grades K-4).  Students representing their individual schools (along with their teachers and parents) were invited to share their winning short stories and/or poems with an audience of proud well wishers who thoroughly enjoyed these outstanding student read-alouds of their own work!

Each student received a certificate of congratulations, a bookmark, pencils/pens, free food coupons, and a writing journal as prizes in recognition of their growth as young authors, their hard work and use of creative writing ideas and techniques as determined by grade level judging teams in early January 2023.  Prizes awarded included:  first place, second place, third place and honorable mention.

HCLC hosts, Mary Vincent (Homestead Wakefield Elementary School Reading Specialist and HCLC Chair), Cheryl Monk (retired HCPS educator and Writing Contest Chair), Kelly Davis (State of Maryland Literacy Association Chair), along with Reading, English, Language Arts County Supervisors Kristine Scarry and Annmarie Steltzer, thanked the teachers for their guidance and support, recognized parents for their role as their children’s first teachers, and shared congratulatory comments. Each winning student author was given motivational feedback and a positive message encouraging them to continue on their writing journey creating and collecting varied pieces of writing (to entertain, to inform, to persuade) to then share with teachers, family members and friends.

Kindergarten Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Brinlee Boone (RIES); Kayla Deroba (RPES); Avaline Wallace (CVES); Evelyn Deroba (RPES). Back Row L to R: Lincoln Still (CVES); Madeline Kurmon (CVES); Sebastian Helmer (CVES). Not Pictured: Sadie Schisler (FHES); Chloe Beatty (CVES); Angelica Velasquez (OPES);Christian Naumann (OPES)

First Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Dakota Peckham (MVES); Tylor Schorr (MVES); Crystal Lee Pitman (MVES); Amara Boyle (BFES); Jaxon Walrath (RPES). Back Row L to R: Kasey Hugo (CVES); Isabella Hamilton (CVES).

Second Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: William Soutar (RPES); Avery Lenaghan (RPES); Carson Rose (RPES); Lisa Nathaniel (HIES); Catherine Alexa Vandrey (RPES); Cora Handshoe (CVES). Back Row L to R: Cassidy Coy (BFES); Maverick Schafer (DUES); Dalylah Blunt (RIES); Kellan Ortman (RPES).

Third Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Jaxon Bard (JVES); Jordyn Shellenberger (CVES); Jaxon Neubert (RPES); Arthur Fernandes Martins (HIES); Ellie Coningsby (BAES); Anna Baker (HIES); Riley Roper (DUES). Back Row L to R: Chayse Beinkampen (RIES); Dahlia Gurung (HIES); Caleb Weinheimer (HIES); Eliza Blevins (JVES):  Lillian Galoubandi (JVES); Dakota Grayson (DUES).

Fourth Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Shayna Nathaniel (HIES); Jack Jackson (JVES); Mikayla Lampkin (RPES); Srinidhi Penmetsa (ABES); Nora Fodel (YBES); Anderson Airey (RPES); Brayden Sullivan (OPES). Back Row L to R: Hayden Tooma (HIES); Elizabeth Bush (RPES); Avery Hebert (BAES); Summer Yoo (YBES); Reagan Roop (BAES); Everett Kasemeyer (BAES); Cecilia Friskey (YBES);  Clara Will (BAES).

Fifth Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Bella Burgee (DUES); Brielle Lazarus (BAES); Bo Shorter (CVES); Abigail Sharkey (YBES); Joseph Deroba (RPES); Nathaniel Plant (BAES). Back Row L to R: Emily Eberhart (BAES); Ellie Adams (CVES); Grace Zhang (YBES); Despina Millon (YBES); Ellie Huettel (HWES). Not Pictured: Adelaide Owens (BAES); Avery Soutar (RPES).

Sixth Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Anna Gerres (NHMS); Tyme Anusonti-Inthra (FAMS); Emmalyn Edmunds (FAMS); Jillian Varga (FAMS). Back Row L to R: Ethan Phillips (FAMS), Ethan Lumbard (FAMS); Catalina Holt-Florez (NHMS). Not Pictured: Timothy Chichester (SCS); Lillian Jungwirth (SCS).

Seventh Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Evelyn Judy (PMMS); Ahava Protsyuk (PMMS); Amanda Forte (PMMS); Lyric Macknovitz (PMMS); Mya Alexandria Phay (SCS); Madisyn Kaline (EDMS). Not Pictured: Catherine Clayton (SCS); Ishia Cooper-Bey (EDMS).

Eighth Grade Writing Contest Winners

Front Row L to R: Nathan Fell (NHMS); McKenzie Friskey (FAMS); Ashley Tringali (ABMS); Josey Mims (ABMS); Evelyn Pociluyko (FAMS); Madilyn Hilditch (ABMS). Not Pictured: Lillee Ann Rouselle (ABMS).