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Teacher of the Year Blog

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Teacher of the Year Blog


Congratulations to Mrs. Christina O’Neill of Bel Air Middle School for achieving the title of the 2012-2013 Harford County Teacher of the Year Honor. She will do an AWESOME job representing our school district.  

This is my final Blog as the 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year and I wanted to thank Harford County Public Schools for their incredible support towards teaching and education.  I had an AMAZING year representing over 3,000 teachers in Harford County.  The experience has been life changing and I feel that I have grown immensely throughout this past year as an educator, leader, and person.  My deepest heartfelt gratitude goes to the students, teachers, parents, and community of Hall’s Cross Roads Elementary School.  Their support towards music and education is incredible and I am proud to work with this inspiring community. 

Please continue to support music and art education in our schools.  These subjects inspire students and become the gateway to awakening the mind towards receiving and retaining knowledge.  I hope my passion towards music has inspired others to explore creativity and appreciate the power of the arts. 

I wanted to give a final thank you to all of the Harford County Public School teachers. They are inspiring figures whose passions run  deep.  They dedicate their lives to educate the generations of tomorrow and have the most powerful job in existence.  Without their inspiration, perseverance, and expertise, we have no tomorrow.  They are the essence of passion and the creators of tomorrow. 

Thank you for an incredible year!!


Christian Slattery Sr.

2011-2012 Harford County Teacher of the Year

In this picture, 2011-2012 Harford County Teacher of the Year Christian Slattery Sr.
and one of my favorite students Hope Reiger