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HCPS Board Meeting Highlights

Monday, June 14, 2004

At the business meeting held on Monday, June 14, 2004, at Bel Air Middle School, the following actions and discussions took place.

Board Vice President Robert Thomas discussed the origins and development of the Flag Day ceremony. He mentioned the first Flag Day ceremony was held in Fredonia, WI in 1885; and President Woodrow Wilson noted the Flag Day in 1916. By act of Congress and the endorsement of President Harry Truman in 1949, Flag Day was officially recognized by the federal government to be observed every June 14th.


The Board recognized three members of the Magnolia Elementary School staff - Principal Barbara Douglas, Substitute Coordinator Rita Garrity and Home Visitor Debbie Pillsbury for the role they played in saving the lives of a mother and her three children on May 24th. Idalmy Figueroa, a regular substitute at Magnolia Elementary, phoned Mrs. Garrity early in the morning on May 24th saying she did not feel well. Mrs. Garrity realized that Mrs. Figueroa sounded disoriented and contacted Mrs. Douglas who dispatched Mrs. Pillsbury to the Figueroa home. When Mrs. Pillsbury arrived she found Mrs. Figueroa and her three children suffering from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. Mrs. Pillsbury contacted the emergency operations center and assisted the Figueroas in exiting the house. Emergency personnel administered first aid and transported the mother and her children to the Baltimore Shock Trauma Center where they received treatment and were released later that day. The swift and appropriate action by school personnel is credited with saving the lives of the Figueroa family.

The Board of Education recognized those Harford County Public School teams and individual students who won state or regional championships during the spring 2004 interscholastic athletic season. Recognized was the Fallston High School Varsity Softball Team which won the Class 3A Maryland Public Secondary School Athletic Association (MPSSAA) state title. Also recognized was the C. Milton Wright High School Girls Lacrosse Team which won the Class 3A MPSSAA state title. In addition individuals include Jessica Ahn and Anita Sahu of C. Milton Wright who won the Class 3A championship. In track and field, Class 3A titles were won by Alyssa Evering of Fallston High School (100 and 200 meter dash); and Kelli Buck of C. Milton Wright High School (1600 meter run). Also, Ms. Buck teamed with Danielle Burcham, Leah Estremera, and Megan Ravenscraft of C. Milton Wright High to win the 4x800 meter relay Class 3A state title. In addition, Class 2A state titles were won by Rachel Knapstein of North Harford High School in the pole vault; and by Kamil Maclin of Edgewood High School in the triple jump. Class 1A State titles were won by Lamar Clayton of Havre de Grace High School (100 hurdles and triple jump); and Kevin Walsh, also of Havre de Grace High (triple jump).

Regional titles were won by five HCPS teams and six individuals (representing four events) - other than the regional titles won by those teams and individuals who went on to win State titles.

General Public Comments

Meghan Allen of Fallston High School, five year member of the Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils, urged the Board to provide the student representative to the Board (SROB) with partial voting rights. Ms. Allen recommended a compromise which would allow the Board to determine the parameters for the SROB vote.

Action Items

The Board unanimously passed items on the Consent Agenda including Monthly Report on Personnel; Minutes of the Business Meeting on April 29 and 26, 2004; Proposed Resolution on 03-04 Student Representative to the Board Michael D. Morey; Transfer of Bus Contracts; Approval of Prepackaged Snack Cakes for Group I; and Approval of Electric Supply Agreements.

The Board unanimously approved final budget transfers for FY2004 to prevent potential shortfalls in various categories. Funds will be shifted to cover the $1,144,000 potential shortfall. The budget transfers must be approved by the County Executive and the County Council to go into effect.

The Board unanimously agreed to consider information provided by a committee looking into athletic activities and missed class time. The committee will continue to review proposals and return to the Board for specific approvals.

The Board unanimously approved a series of promotions for administrative personnel and mentor teachers effective July 1. The Board also received a report from the Superintendent on impending transfers of administrative personnel and mentor teachers. For a complete summary of the changes, call the Harford County Public Schools Office of Public Information at 410-588-5203.

Action Items

The Board of Education unanimously approved items on the Consent Agenda including Affirmation of Monthly Contract Awards; Minutes of the May 10 Board Work Session and Business Meeting; Affirmation of Appeal Hearing Decisions; Approval of Food Service Bread; Amendment to the Merit Scholastic Award; Approval of Resurfacing Contract for North Harford Elementary, Fallston High, Edgewood High and Prospect Mill Elementary School; and Approval of Amendment to the 2004-05 School Calendar.

The Board of Education unanimously approved a series of promotions/appointments of administrative personnel; and received a list of transfers from the Superintendent.

Promotions / Transfers
Employee 2004-2005 Position Location
Allison Donnelly Elementary Assistant Principal Pool  
Harold Earl Gaskins Elementary Instructional Facilitator  
Charles Hagan Principal Harford Technical High School
Joseph Voskuhl Principal Bel Air High School
Glenn Jensen Principal Havre de Grace Middle School
Anthony Bess Assistant Principal Havre de Grace Middle School
John Krouse Assistant Principal  
Carlton Ford Assistant Principal Edgewood High School
Gregory Komondor Assistant Principal Joppatowne High School
Kelly Blackburn Assistant Principal  
Andrew Cassilly Assistant Supervisor Student Services/Central Office
Michael Thatcher Instructional Facilitator Bel Air High & Middle Schools
Wayne Perry Principal Edgewood Middle School
David Thomas Principal North Harford High School
Kevin Fleming Principal Fallston High School
Michael OBrien Assistant Principal Fallston High School
Joseph Collins Assistant Principal Joppatowne High School
Kimberly Adkins Assistant Principal Harford Technical High School
Sean Abel Assistant Principal Bel Air Middle School
Monica Stallings Assistant Principal Bel Air Middle School
Kilo Mack Assistant Principal Edgewood Middle School
James Fulton Assistant Principal Magnolia Middle School

The Board of Education unanimously approved the Award of Contract to provide electrical improvements associated with technology projects provided through the Technology in Maryland (TIMS) grants. The contract was awarded to Action Electrical Contractors in the sum of $1,283,380.


Kathleen Sanner, Supervisor of Planning and Construction, presented the Board of Education with an update on the site plans for the new HCPS Central Office Administration Building. Mrs. Sanner said the "L" shaped building will be constructed on a acre site on the corner of Hickory Ave. and Courtland Street in Bel Air. She presented the Board with drawings depicting the exterior elevation and the interior offices to be included in the building. She said the next two weeks will be "a critical path" in the efforts to have the building constructed by a private developer and leased to the Board of Education for a period of 25 years after which it will become property of the Board. She said ground could be broken for the building in August 2004 with completion possible by the fall of 2005.

Mrs. Sanner and Assistant Superintendent for Operations Joseph Licata presented the Board with the 2004 Educational Facilities Master Plan. The plan is a tool that addresses the school system's projected facility needs and is used for information, analysis and conclusions to provide substantiation for each public school capital improvement project. The Superintendent recommended that the Board of Education endorse the plan for submission to the State by July 1, 2004.

Superintendent's Report

Superintendent Haas introduced Supervisor of Research and Evaluation Carolyn Wood who provided information about the spring 2004 administration of the Maryland School Assessments (MSA).

Board Comments

Board Member Mark Wolkow addressed the issue of a two pipe vs. four pipe heating/ventilation/air conditioning system to be installed at Edgewood Middle School. Mr. Wolkow moved that up to $250,000 be appropriated from the fund balance to upgrade the EMS HVAC to a four pipe system. The motion failed after the Board voted 3-3 on the motion.

Board Member Robin Rich moved that the Policy Review Committee in its current 15 member form be disbanded in favor of a smaller group. She noted that the larger group is unwieldy in proposing or reviewing Board policy. The Board voted to lay the proposal over until its August 9th meeting and is seeking public comment on the issue.

This document contains a summary of issues that came before the Board of Education of Harford County and actions taken by the Board at the public business meeting at the meeting date referenced on the document. These are not official Board-approved minutes. Board minutes are not posted on the HCPS web site because of the time lapse that occurs between the meeting, their preparation, and ultimate approval by the Board.
For copies of approved Board minutes, please e-mail