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Office of Mathematics

Mathematics education, kindergarten through grade twelve, provides curriculum, instruction, and assessment which gives all students an equitable opportunity to become mathematically literate citizens. Students acquire confidence, competence, enabling skills, and those habits of mind which assist them to solve problems both independently and collaboratively, in mathematics courses and in other endeavors. Communication of reasoning using the language of mathematics, making connections between mathematical ideas and the real world, and using technology to facilitate reasoning and problem solving are vital parts of the mathematics program. Outcomes aligned with the Maryland Content Standards have been developed to support this curriculum.

In elementary schools, mathematics is a broad-based curriculum in which students build a strong foundation in several areas: algebra patterns and functions; geometry; measurement; statistics; probability; and, number relations and computation. Students demonstrate these concepts through the processes of problem solving, communication, reasoning and proof, and making connections to the real world.

In middle and high schools, students continue to refine and extend mathematics knowledge. All students are expected to master algebra and geometry. Most students will continue the study of mathematics after geometry by taking subsequent courses in Algebra II, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Advanced Placement Calculus. Students are given opportunities to enhance mathematics studies by taking courses such as Foundations of College Mathematics, Advanced Placement Statistics, and Advanced Placement Computer Science.

Elementary Curriculum
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