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Student Support Services
Helping All Kids Achieve Their Best

The Student Support Services Division is an articulated continuum of programs and services designed to provide the opportunity for all students to achieve maximum benefit from their educational experience.

  • Counseling, health, psychological, and pupil personnel services are comprehensive, delivered in a coordinated fashion, and are accessible to all.
  • Programs and services enhance the educational process by addressing the cognitive, behavioral, physical, emotional and social factors that affect learning.
  • Services emphasize prevention and intervention support systems, which are enhanced by partnerships with schools, families, and the community.
Organizational Chart
Student Support Services Organizational Chart

What are Student Support Services?

Harford County Public Schools provide a variety of specialized services intended to optimize learning for all students. Coordinated Student Support Services support the instructional programs within our schools by addressing barriers to learning and promoting the healthy development of students.

Student Support Services Brochure 

What types of Student Support Services are available?
Direct Services:
  • Assessment and Appraisal
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Home and Hospital Teaching
  • Prevention and Management of Health Problems
  • Program Adjustments or Placements
Indirect Services:
  • Case Management and Monitoring
  • Collect and Analyze Data
  • Referral to Community Services
  • Staff and Parent Consultation
  • Workshops and Presentations

When might Student Support Services be needed?
  • Career development counseling
  • Classroom Accommodations and modifications
  • Failing grades
  • Poor work habits and study skills
  • Screening for students who may be disabled

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Frequent discipline problems
  • Truancy/School refusal
  • Unsatisfactory school and/or home relationships
  • Withdrawing behavior

  • Assistance for students with medical disabilities
  • Emergency assistance
  • Medications
  • Vision, Hearing and Scoliosis Screenings

  • Registration for Home Schooling/Instruction
  • Special Enrollments: Boundary Exceptions and Caretaker Situations

How are these services obtained?

Referrals for Student Support Services typically originate in the local school Pupil Services Team Conference, which is held on a regular basis. This team concentrates on exploring alternatives that may help students function more effectively. After a review of the case, the team may recommend that one or more specialists be assigned for appropriate service. In some cases, an individual intervention plan will be developed for the student.

Parents who feel that their student has need of specialized services should contact the student's school   or the Office of Student Support Services (410)588-5334.