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Fine Arts: Visual Arts
Elementary School

The elementary art curriculum provides all students with a well-sequenced program of developmentally appropriate art experiences in five major areas: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Three-Dimensional Design, and Paper and Fibers. Students are involved in activities which are culturally balanced and integrated with study in language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science. A variety of strategies are used to enable students to construct meaning, investigate, make decisions, and solve problems creatively. The comprehensive elementary art curriculum enhances the students' total educational experience.

Elementary School Art
Middle School

The middle school art curriculum is designed to provide all adolescents with opportunities for sequential instruction in this subject. Art activities are provided in five major areas: Drawing, Painting, Three-Dimensional Design and Visual Communications. Within one or more of these four areas, a Student Service Learning activity may also be experienced, in conjunction with team initiatives. The middle school art program extends elementary learning, enables selected skills to be refined, and provides opportunities for unique and individual applications. Adolescents who have pursued the middle school program are well prepared to succeed in meeting the Fine Arts graduation requirement.

Middle School Art
High School

The high school art program consists of a variety of elective curricular offerings. From an entry-level course taken to satisfy the Fine Arts graduation requirement, to an AP Art History course needed to fulfill a college entrance standard, students have many options. Courses can be sequenced for students who have identified future ambitions by the career path selected. The correct sequence of curricula provides for appropriate preparation and maximum success. All high school art courses provide opportunities for students to refine and apply learned skills and concepts and to develop personally and creatively as visually literate young adults.

High School Art
Visual Arts Standards:

The arts are a fundamental part of human culture and identity, shaping every individual and society. They contribute to our economy and provide meaning to our lives through music, sculptures, dance, animations, and plays. Recognizing the value of the arts, it is important to provide a well-rounded education that includes arts for all students. The National Core Arts Standards aim to define artistic literacy, including philosophical foundations, lifelong goals, artistic processes, and performance standards.


Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work.


Realizing artistic ideas and work through interpretation and presentation.


Understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning.


Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.

For more information on visual arts, contact:
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