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School Health Council

The School Health Council (SHC) is convened three times a year. Membership consists of representation from the eight components of comprehensive school health. The eight components are Comprehensive School Health Education K-12, Physical Education and Activity, Nutrition Services, School Health Services, School Counseling, Psychological and Social Services, Healthy and Safe School Environments, Student, Family and Community Involvement in Schools. Harford County Public Schools (HCPS), Harford County Health Department (HCHD), Community Organizations and interested community members attend meetings and provide critical input. Educational presentations, networking, and information sharing take place during these meetings.


To create a community that supports, values and works together to coordinate and integrate, comprehensive PreK-12 school health system for every student in HCPS. ALL students will have the opportunity to access organized health services, programs, and learning experiences focused on health issues facing the community at large.

Responsibilities of SHC include the following:
  • Ensure that professionals who directly influence student health meet regularly to learn what their colleagues are doing, share teaching strategies, problem solve and provide a forum for discussion of health issues.
  • Provide visibility for school health within the school system and community; ensure sufficient resources are allocated to school health; facilitate understanding between schools and community.
  • Work with agency personnel in areas that impact school health in all components of comprehensive school health.
  • Provide guidance to HCPS on health issues, health related policies and proposed health legislation that will impact HCPS.
  • Review the Wellness policy and results from the Tri-Annual Assessments and collaborate with appropriate departments.

The SHC is made up of members of HCPS, HCHD, Community organizations and interested community members.

Parent/Community Involvement

Nominations are welcome from parents/guardians, staff, community organizations, and other members of the HCPS community. Self-nominations are also accepted. All nominations are reviewed, and those nominated will be contacted as seats on the council become available. Contact the HCPS Office of Health and Wellness at 410-588-5372.


The SHC convenes three times a year (Fall, Winter and Spring). Specific dates are determined by the council. Interpretation services will be provided as needed.


Each member will serve one (1) two-year term. Members may not serve for more than two consecutive terms. Council members will be expected to attend all scheduled meetings; prepare for each meeting as needed; work in a collaborative fashion with each other and with school system staff; express views and opinions openly, constructively, and respectfully. Although an HCPS dedicated staff member will develop an agenda for each meeting, SHC representatives may submit discussion items for consideration.

Expectations of HCPS

Staff from the HCPS Office of Health and Wellness will develop an agenda for each meeting and send agenda materials to SHC members sufficiently in advance of each meeting. An HCPS staff member will take minutes at all SHC meetings and disseminate them as appropriate. Staff will provide materials for review as needed.

For more information on the School Health Council, contact:
HCPS Office of Health and Wellness
102 South Hickory Avenue
Bel Air, MD 21014